Currently a junior at Sunny Hills High School, Krishna Thaker has been involved in debate for many years. Inspired by her older cousin, also a debater, Krishna had been determined to join debate since third grade, and finally joined the Orange County Debate League in fifth grade. She first debated on behalf of Beatty Elementary School until reaching middle school, when she debated for Buena Park Junior High. Over the course of her four years debating in the league, she accumulated over 13 speaking awards, even ranking once in the top five. Since graduating from the middle school league, she has returned as a judge and now judges at all OCDL tournaments. She is also a part of the OCDL’s Communications Committee.

Her time in OCDL inspired her to be active in her community and use her voice to make a difference. When she started high school, she kept this spirit and involved herself through clubs, writing, and dance. She is in several clubs, including Red Cross, Junior State of America (JSA), the California Scholarship Federation (CSF), and Amnesty International. Krishna is especially passionate about JSA, where she holds the esteemed position of Director of Debate. In the club, different resolutions are debated, congressional bills are written, and students are educated about the government and its ever-changing politics in the point of view of their own peers. Krishna attributes her success in the program to her years of debate, which urged her to become informed on prominent issues about society and the government. 

Krishna also enjoys writing for her school paper, the Accolade. Some topics she has written about include the electoral college, her fellowship with the California Democratic Party, and the various effects and impacts of Covid-19. 

In school, Krishna challenges herself with rigorous courses as well as many extracurriculars. Outside of school, she remains devoted to spreading awareness about the issues she holds close to her heart and volunteering with the Orange County Debate League, whether through judging at tournaments or helping out with the Communications team.

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