On March 13, 2020, the Orange County Debate League held its annual Spring Middle School Parliamentary Debate Program [MSPDP] Tournament in which hundreds of elementary and middle school students debated the following topics: 

  • The United States should provide universal healthcare. 
  • School monitoring of student computers does more GOOD than HARM. 
  • Impromptu: YouTube is good for education.

After four rounds of engaging debates, the top students and teams were recognized for their performance during the tournament. 

The results were as follows: 

MSPDP Top Teams: 

  1. HAC Fairmont RED TSK 
  2. Pegasus Junior KRW 
  3. Pegasus Junior SSA 
  4. Pegasus Senior STY 
  5. New England Academy NHP
  6. HAC Fairmont RED LCK 
  7. IOK Debate Society AMK 
  8. Pegasus Senior QDS 
  9. Fairmont Anaheim Hills Stripes GCP 
  10. Cogito Debate HSZ 
  11. Fairmont Anaheim Hills Stripes LDG 
  12. Lincoln Green Debate Society SBD 
  13. Fairmont Anaheim Hills Stripes CSW 
  14. Pegasus Senior LPJ
  15. New England Academy PSG 
  16. New England Academy ESC 
  17. Pegasus Senior ZSY 
  18. Fairmont Anaheim Hills Stripes ASM 
  19. Fairmont North Tustin DAJ 
  20. Pegasus Junior GHC 
  21. IOK Debate Society KSB 
  22. HAC Fairmont RED JVJ 
  23. Pegasus Senior YKL 
  24. HAC Fairmont RED HR 
  25. Heritage Oak Debate SH 
  26. Pegasus Senior LBK 
  27. Beatty Middle School Blue WPL 
  28. Beatty Middle School Blue BCJ 
  29. Fairmont Anaheim Hills Stripes PTK 
  30. Heritage Oak Debate QYZ 
  31. Pegasus Junior PSY 
  32. Fairmont North Tustin GVH 
  33. Pegasus Junior TWE 
  34. HAC Fairmont RED WSK 
  35. Beatty Middle School Blue LLC 
  36. Fairmont Anaheim Hills Stripes HAC 
  37. Lincoln Green Debate Society SAY 
  38. Saint Francis de Sales NID 
  39. New England Academy Second Squad HHK 
  40. Cogito Debate CST 
  41. Fairmont North Tustin NSA 
  42. Cogito Debate AKZ 
  43. Heritage Oak Debate LGV 
  44. Heritage Oak Debate PCT 
  45. New England Academy GLJ 
  46. Beatty Middle School Blue KNL 
  47. Fairmont North Tustin KPP 
  48. New England Academy MYP 
  49. HAC Fairmont BLUE WS 
  50. Pegasus Junior DSM 
  51. New England Academy HSL 
  52. HAC Fairmont BLUE WPT 
  53. Beatty Middle School PWC 
  54. New England Academy Second Squad GSP 
  55. Lincoln Green Debate Society OSS 
  56. Saint Francis de Sales FBM 
  57. Lincoln Green Debate Society KLM 
  58. Heritage Oak Debate DLY 
  59. Lincoln Green Debate Society MPJ 
  60. HAC Fairmont BLUE ZLL 
  61. Saint Francis de Sales AGH 
  62. Fairmont Anaheim Hills Solids LGS 
  63. Lincoln Green Debate Society PA
  64. Beatty Middle School BLUE BLL 
  65. HAC Fairmont BLUE TJZ 
  66. HAC Fairmont BLUE KLT 

Top Speakers:  

  1. Sahiba C
  2. Tegan W
  3. Noelle K
  4. Stavan S 
  5. Evan R 
  6. Naomi T 
  7. Arjun S 
  8. CJ S 
  9. Austin K 
  10. Reagan P 
  11. Roya K 
  12. Everett Y 
  13. Lance J 
  14. Jacky Q 
  15. Ella T 
  16. Kennedi S 
  17. Rachel N 
  18. Karan S 
  19. Katie C 
  20. Joshua L 
  21. Halle E 
  22. Courtney T 
  23. Grace Y 
  24. Shriya G 

MSPDP Novice: 

  1. Fairmont Anaheim Hiils Solids GKW 
  2. Fairmont Anaheim Hills Solids ZNT 
  3. New England Academy KSM 
  4. New England Academy CHP 
  5. Cogito Debate JR 
  6. Beatty Middle School Organe LAM 
  7. Brookhurst Junior High CPU 
  8. Beatty Middle School Orange AAG 
  9. Saint Francis de Sales BW 
  10. IOK Debate Society AAA 
  11. Cogito Debate AG 
  12. IOK Debate Society AES 

Top Speakers: 

  1. Sabrina W 
  2. Adit S 
  3. Aziza M 
  4. Sienna B 
  5. Giana G 
  6. Ishani K 
  7. Abel W 
  8. Syler P 
  9. Demi K 
  10. Alice A 
  11. Ryna L 
  12. Nathan P 
  13. Sarah T 
  14. Jumana Z 
  15. Amy J 
  16. Huda S 
  17. Emily G 
  18. Haley R 
  19. Danya A 
  20. Ibrahim E 
  21. Eli C 
  22. Nancy C
  23. Kairi N 
  24. Ahmad U

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