Debaters Take Home Trophies and New Tactics at Penultimate OCDL Tournament

            The air was abuzz with assertions, reasoning, evidence, and impacts at the OCDL Spring Tournament this past Saturday, March 24th.  Students debated topics that included, “Ban homework!” and “The government should not add fluoride to drinking water.”  The final topic, “Cryptocurrency does more good than harm,” proved especially challenging for debaters, as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are still very new to domestic and international markets.

            After four rounds of debate, the First Place Team Award went to the Fairmont North Tustin team of Misha B., Jack G., and Ryan G.  Ryan G., of the winning North Tustin team, also took home the Golden Gavel Award for First Place Speaker and the tournament.  Finally, the First Place Tournament Award for top performing school was tied between Buena Park Junior High and Pegasus. 

            The championship tournament will take place at Buena Park Junior High on May 5th, 2018.     

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