OC Community Begins the Year with Winter Classic Debate Tournament

The Buena Park Junior High gym was full with people once again for the OCDL Winter Classic Tournament on Saturday, January 27th. Debaters, coaches, parents, and volunteers from Orange County and Los Angeles County gathered to experience the sport of debate. This tournament’s topics included the benefits “no kill” animal shelters, the use of standardized test scores, and the requirement of elected officials to disclose their finances.

The tournament concluded with the awards ceremony, which revealed the winning individuals and groups of the day. The First Place Overall Speaker Award of the tournament was Ryan Gumlia of the Fairmont North Tustin team. Ryan received the Golden Gavel, a handmade gavel created in the Buena Park Junior High wood shop. Ryan’s team, Fairmont GAT, took home the trophy for First Place Team of the event. Pegasus Senior performed well at the tournament, and received the Tournament Award for highest percentage of wins, along with the First Place Overall School award.

Every student improved their critical thinking, argumentation, and public speaking abilities at the Winter Classic Tournament. As the OCDL continues to expand, it will likely develop new workshops and events that will assist students and volunteers in the sport of debate. The next tournament will be the Spring Tournament on March 24th.

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