OCDL Receives Multiple Accolades at Regional Middle School Championship

Yesterday, April 28th, debate teams from throughout California gathered at Mount San Antonio College to participate in the Middle School Public Debate Program (MSPDP) Southwest Regional Championship.


Of the one-hundred and eight teams that attended, the Orange County Debate League (OCDL) sent twenty-nine teams from twelve schools.  The tournament consisted of five rounds, and a sixth championship round between the two top placing teams. 

Students debated topics including campaign-free zones at polling places, the adoption of a universal basic income, and job hunters requirement to disclose their criminal history.  


Students debated from 9am to nearly 9pm, and had the opportunity to form friendships with other debaters while enjoying the sunny weather at the tournament location in Walnut.  Nine OCDL teams received awards for placing within the top thirty-five teams, and ten speakers earned awards for placing within the top thirty-six individual speakers.  The results are as follows:


Team Awards (to the top 35 of 108 teams)

3rd - Fairmont Anaheim Hills LNQ

9th - Fairmont North Tustin AGT

13th - Jeffrey Trail CJS

17th - Fairmont North Tustin AGA

18th - Fairmont North Tustin JGA

22nd - Heritage Oak YHS

23rd - Orchard Hills GCS

25th - Pegasus LAP

26th - Pegasus HPJ


Speaker Awards (to the top 36 of 316 speakers)

7th Max P (Pegasus)

11th Dilan J-N (Pegasus)

13th Austin P (Pegasus)

15th Jared A (Pegasus)

21st - Alexa L (Fairmont Anaheim Hills)

22nd Ethan L (Pegasus)

23rd Krishna T (Buena Park Junior High)

24th Nadia A (Fairmont North Tustin)

27th Ryan G (Fairmont North Tustin)

36th Alison W (Pegasus)


Other schools that participated included Gordon H. Beatty Elementary, Fairmont Historic Anaheim, Newton Middle School, Institute of Knowledge, and Rowland Unified School District.


Next Saturday, May 5th, OCDL debaters will reunite for the OCDL Championship, held at Buena Park Junior High.  Students will debate four of the six topics from the MSPDP Championship:

Reptiles should not be kept as pets.
The Olympic Games should include eSports.
States should not be permitted to create campaign-free zones at polling places.
Final Round Topic: A nuclear attack on North Korea should be “off the table.” 

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