OCDL Debaters place at Stanford University

Over the weekend (February 10-11), four OCDL debaters competed at the 32nd Annual Stanford Invitational, hosted by Stanford University. The style of debate, Public Forum, is slightly different than the usual OCDL modified parliamentary style. Public Forum features two-member teams, a crossfire question and answer period (no POI's or heckles), and the ability to access electronics during the round. The competitive Junior Varsity Public Forum field was made up of 224 teams from 12 states, Canada, and China. Many of the teams in this division were high school students.

Two Fairmont Private School teams competed and gave stunning performances. The team of Vivien T. and Courtnie B. won 4 of the 5 preliminary seeding debates, and they then went on to win their triple-octofinals round and their double-octofinals round. The two ended their stellar run at the tournament in round 16 with a 9th place overall victory.

The debaters of the other team, Ryan G. and Nadia A., won all of their five preliminary seeding debates and all of their finals rounds. They eventually took home the championship trophy in their division! Their impressive showing included a 19-1 record!

We are very proud of our OCDL debaters for their success across different styles of debate!


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