Summer Debate Camp 2022

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Alumni Spotlight: Savdharia Sisters

From winning first place at multiple debate tournaments, qualifying for prestigious tournaments, and being team captains for over 6 years, to interning at USC and Boeing, solving equity in debate, and enrolling at USC on a Biochemistry track, twins Harishri and Hitakshi Savdharia truly represent the best of debate and the spirit of OCDL. Their … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Savdharia Sisters

Dear Mac: Trouble With POIs

Every month, Mac answers your questions about debate, all while giving wise advice. Submit a question to her here! Dear Mac, I know that POIs are an important component to a debate round. However, I have issues coming up with any that are strategic and add meaning during rounds. How do you come up with good … Continue reading Dear Mac: Trouble With POIs

OCDL May Championship Recap

The Orange County Debate League held its annual Championship tournament on Saturday, May 15 from 8 a.m to 3 p.m. During the tournament, teams debated three topics in four rounds, with the first topic debated twice and the students switching sides in between.  The debated topics were as follows:  Saudi Arabia is more an enemy … Continue reading OCDL May Championship Recap

Alumni Spotlight: Dean Alamy

In our latest installment of the Alumni Spotlight, we feature high school senior Dean Alamy. Dean has been an exceptional member of our debate community for seven years. He participated in the Middle School Public Debate Program (MSPDP) for three years and in Public Forum for four years. Throughout these years, he has exemplified his … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Dean Alamy

OCDL Spring Tournament Recap

On March 13, 2020, the Orange County Debate League held its annual Spring Middle School Parliamentary Debate Program [MSPDP] Tournament in which hundreds of elementary and middle school students debated the following topics:  The United States should provide universal healthcare.  School monitoring of student computers does more GOOD than HARM.  Impromptu: YouTube is good for … Continue reading OCDL Spring Tournament Recap

Alumni Spotlight: Krishna Thaker

Currently a junior at Sunny Hills High School, Krishna Thaker has been involved in debate for many years. Inspired by her older cousin, also a debater, Krishna had been determined to join debate since third grade, and finally joined the Orange County Debate League in fifth grade. She first debated on behalf of Beatty Elementary … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Krishna Thaker

Alumni Spotlight: Jack Thompson

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have had an ongoing conversation with OCDL alum Jack Thompson. We discussed how OCDL has impacted his life and what he has done since his last middle school debate through the league.  Jack is currently a senior at San Juan Hills High School and started competing … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Jack Thompson

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